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Baptism Photography

Below you can see pictures of baptisms

. One day, when I was baby, my dad and my mom brought me to a beautiful church to name me. My godmother was very beautiful. She gave me the name I have now. All relatives came, grandparents, aunts, uncles and many friends, young and old ones. They dived me in a baptismal font and bathed me. Afterwards they dressed me in new clothes, put me a gold cross and walked around. Afterwards they shared sweets and bonbons. I do not remember this, but I see the album with the photos of my baptism. It seems to me as fairy tale. Our photographers were Yiannis and Akis from Thessaloniki. This is who we are, the Panic eye photography, that we do everything possible to keep this story alive, with joy and love. Trust us, to share your joy. Choose us in order to share our love with our work.

Baptism photography in Thessaloniki