Panic Eye

next day photo shooting

the wedding of giorgos and amalia in chalkidiki

Was it a wedding? Was it a party? Nobody knows. The fact is that everyone was

there: friends, dogs…and of course our team who didn’t know what to shoot firstly.

Because George and Amalia are really “crazy”, and we were so happy for their choice

to be their photographers!


Journeys through experiences and dreams, through magical moments that leave their mark in our soul and mind. Moments that no one wants to forget, but we want to keep them forever within us, open our horizons, and not to forget our starting point, whether this is the beginning of a marriage, or a baptism…. And at this point begins the leafing through a fairy tale, full of images and colors, a fairy tale “written” and “illustrated” by Yiannis and Akis! This is who we are, the photographers of the Panic Eye photography. We are full of inspiration and passion and we “write” your story, with Thessaloniki’s background and the surrounding areas! Trust us for taking pictures of your wedding and the baptism of your little hero and come to share your joy!